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To learn more about what Fragrance Oils are, and why they are different than Essential Oils, Aromachemicals, and Proprietary Blends, Click Here

California recently passed legislation banning the sale of ingredients that have Phthalates, therefore we are replacing all of our fragrance oils with 'Premium Grade' Phthalate Free Fragrance oils. Fragrance oils without the word 'PREMIUM' in the description are all 'Manufacturers Grade.' We are working as quickly as we can to swap out all of them.

Premium Grade fragrance oils are used to add fragrance to melt and pour soap bases, cold processed soaps, all candle waxes but especially soy wax, unscented incense sticks and cones, bath products and sea salts. Premium Grade oils can be used in aroma burners and are skin safe. Premium grade fragrance oil is an enhanced formula to provide additional concentration of the top note while sustaining the middle and base notes in fragrance oils. We have received numerous compliments from customers who have experienced superior results when using the premium grade. The premium grade requires less oil to be used when scenting soaps, waxes and lotions while providing superior aroma qualities.

Manufactures Grade fragrance oils can also be used by soap and candle makers (excluding soy wax users). This grade of oil may be applied to the skin when blended with other ingredients but is not suggested for direct application to the body as a perfume oil. No artificial coloring is added to the Manufacturers grade oil.

How much fragrance should I use to scent Soaps? Candles? Lotions? and what is the strength difference between Manufacturers Grade and Premium Grade?

See below the amount used varies from scent to scent as well as the strength desired of the final product. The table below is intended to give you a starting point only. Please conduct your own in house testing.


Premium Grade

Manufactures Grade


1.0 oz. - 1.5 oz. per pound

1.25 oz. - 2.5 oz. per pound


3/4 oz. - 1.0 oz. per pound

1.0 oz. - 1.5 oz. per pound

Bath & Body Lotions

1.0 oz. - 1.5 oz. per gallon

1.5 oz. - 2.0 oz. per gallon


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