Compounding (Contract Blend)

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Compounding (Contract Blend)

Compounding (Contract Blend)

What is a Compounding (Contract Blend) Service?
Our Compounding (Contract Blending) Service is available to Artisan, Independent and Niche Perfumers at a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 1kg (1000 grams) of Fragrance Concentrate (not yet diluted in alcohol).

Who is this service for?
This Compounding Service is available to Perfumers who have already created their formulation, and need to outsource the blending of their concentrated fragrance formula. We do not require IFRA Conformity to Compound, however, we are happy to provide IFRA Conformity Certificates for your blend.

Why is it $65.00?
Contract Blend Fee: $65.00 (includes quote and evaluation sample diluted to your desired %)
* This fee is credited back if customer purchases 1 (or more) kilos. 

Contract Blend + IFRA Screening Fee: $125.00 (includes IFRA Conformity Certificate, IFRA Compliance limits (per ingredient, quote, and a 30ml evaluation sample. 
* $65.00 of this fee is credited back if customer purchases 1 (or more) kilos.

How much does a Contract Blend cost?
Price varies dramatically based on cost of raw materials, availability or ingredients, as well as the number of ingredients. We require approximately 90% or more of the ingredients in your formula to be in our raw material library before we will agree to blend your formula, in order to blend. 

How long does this process take?
The entire process can take anywhere between 1-6 weeks. Major factors include how many ingredients in your formula we already carry. Steps are as follows:
Step 1 - Submit Order for 'Compounding (Contract Blend)' ONLY - please do not combine order with other items.*
Step 2 - Submit Signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Step 3 - Submit Formula (Using Excel Format we provide).
Step 4 - Receive quote.
Step 5 - When quote is approved, we will blend a sample and ship it to you for you to evaluate.**
Step 6 - Evaluate sample.
Step 7 - When sample is approved, you will be sent a link to purchase agreed # of Kilo's from our site.
Step 8 - Contract Blend is shipped!

*Orders with additional items will be charged standard shipping rates. Free shipping applies to evaluation sample ONLY.
**Free ground shipping of sample for Domestic US Customers ONLY; International orders will be charged standard shipping rate.

For further details or questions, please contact us for details: or