Artisan Perfume Lab

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Flavor Analysis by GCMS

Artisan Perfume Lab

Available exclusively at our Artisan Perfume Lab in Scotts Valley, CA.

This Service is available to established Artisan, Independent & Niche Perfumers. 

Perfumers receive access to our entire fragrance (raw material) library, laboratory tools, safety equipment and Regulatory Services
. Our goal is to offer Perfumers a cost-effective way to develop new blends in an industry-level environment without the overhead investment of building your own studio, and sourcing ingredients without knowing what they smell like. 

Service Includes:

  • Full Perfumer's Apprentice Formulary of Raw Materials*
  • Lab Equipment
- Hot Plate
- Scales
- Safety Gear: Nitrile Gloves, Safety Glasses, Lab Coat
- Measuring/Stirring Tools: Pipettes, Beakers, Stirrers, etc.
- Computer (With MS Excel, Word, Access & Full Internet Access)
  • 2 ml bottles of the formulations developed in our lab are yours to keep (Accords, Tinctures, Compositions, etc).
  • Discounted Regulatory Services for formulation (IFRA Conformity Certificate, EU Allergen Report, SDS Creation) when bundled with rental fee.

1 Day - Rental Fee:  $750/day (1 business day)
Multi Day - Rental Fee:  $600/day (2-5 business days)
Weekly - Rental Fee:    $500/day (6+ business days)

Additional Services:
Compounding (Contract Blending)
Regulatory Documentation