Leather - Tobacco

includes the fragrances of oak moss and forests

  • Black Tea - Natural (Colorless)

    Black Tea - Natural (Colorless)

    Black Tea - Natural (Colorless).

    This proprietary natural blend from ROBERTET is a rich combination of natural ingredients that captures the warm, leathery and tobacco nuances of a rich black tea with hints of sweet gourmand notes.

    CAS #: Mixture

  • Choya Loban

    Choya Loban

    Choya Loban from India

    Appearance: Deep Brown-Black liquid
    Odor Description: Smokey, sweet resinous, woody-balsamic undertone

    Manufacturer: Sundari Aromata

    CAS # Mixture
    Botanical Name: Boswellia Serrata

  • Choya Nakh

    Choya Nakh

    Choya Nakh from India

    Appearance: Brown to Dark Brown liquid
    Odor Description: Smokey, oceanic, dry-mossy, woody & sweet ambery undertone

    Manufacturer: Sundari Aromata

    CAS # Mixture
    Botanical Name: Onycha Seashells/Santalum Album

  • Choya Raal

    Choya Raal

    Choya Raal from India

    Appearance: Dark Brown-Black liquid
    Odor Description: Smokey-leathery, deep-dry-woody, sweet resinous aroma with soft amber undertone

    Manufacturer: Sundari Aromata

    CAS # Mixture
    Botanical Name: Shorea Robusta

  • Musk Deer Blend - Animalid (P)

    Cuir Vitessence

    Elegant suede leather scent.

  • Hydrocarboresine (Natural) (Biolandes)

    Hydrocarboresine (Natural) (Biolandes)


    Fragrance Family: Leather & Smoke

    Odor Description: Ciste-labdanum, Amber, Leather, Smoke

    CAS # 8016-26-0

  • Leather Key Accord

    Leather - Key Accord

    A light, fresh and elegant leather.

    CAS # Mixture

  • Liatrix Absolute (Substitute) Natural**

    Liatrix Absolute (Substitute) Natural**

    This product is 100% Natural Substitute for Liatrix Absolute

    Odor Description: Spicy, sweet, coumarin, herbal, tobacco.

    CAS#: 68606-82-6

  • Pyralone - a.k.a Iso Butyl Quinoline (G)

    Pyralone (Givaudan)

    Fragrance Family: Leather

    Odor Description: Leather, Green, Woody, Powerful

    CAS # 65442-31-1

  • Russian Leather**

    Russian Leather**

    Fragrance Family: Leather

    Odor Description: Aged Leather, Musky, Deep, Ambery, Warm Spice

    CAS # (Mixture)

  • Seaweed Absolute (50%)**

    Seaweed Absolute (50%)**

    Heart / Mid to Base note

    Laminaria (Seaweed) Absolute (Biolandes # F0062) is a pure and natural product from the kelp plant which we dilute into 50% of Natural Benzyl Benzoate for ease of workability.

    This aromatic is salty, briny, and very reminiscent of the smell of the beach where waves are crashing on the rocks and the seaweed is being tousled around in the waves. This is a great ingredient to add a salty, pungent, green note to your fragrance, while also giving it the unique character of seaweed (kelp).

    CAS #: (Mixture)
    50% Seaweed Absolute - CAS # 1207666-16-7
    50% Benzyl Benzoate (Natural) - CAS #: 120-51-4

  • Silver Fir Needle

    Silver Fir Needle Austria **

    Abies alba
    Odor Description: Fresh dry fir forest earthy woody

    CAS#: 8021-27-0

  • Suederal LT (I)

    Suederal LT ® (IFF)

    Fragrance Family: Leather

    Odor Description: Leather, Suede, Strong

    CAS #: Mixture

  • Tabanon


    also known as Tabanone

    Odor Description: Sweet acorn, nut skin, tobacco, spicy

    CAS #: 13215-88-8

  • Tobacco Key Accord

    Tobacco - Key Accord (Fragrance) **

    This is a light, elegant and true tobacco smelling blend, more refined in organoleptic composition than natural tobacco absolute

    CAS #: Mixture

  • Tobacco Absolute

    Tobacco Absolute 5% in TEC Natural (Fragrance)

    Tobacco Absolute @ 5% in Triethyl Citrate (TEC) Natural

    and therefore is NOT intended as a flavoring ingredient for any form of internal use

    Odor Description: Sweet hay tobacco moss woody

    CAS#: Mixture
    5% Tobacco Absolute - CAS# 8037-19-2
    95% Triethy Citrate (Natural) - CAS# 77-93-0

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