Seaweed Absolute (50%)**

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Seaweed Absolute (50%)**

Seaweed Absolute (50%)**

 Heart / Mid to Base note

Seaweed (Laminaria) Absolute is a pure and natural product from the kelp plant which we dilute into 50% of Natural Benzyl Benzoate for ease of workability.  

This aromatic is salty, briny, and very reminiscent of the smell of the beach where waves are crashing on the rocks and the seaweed is being tousled around in the waves. This is a great ingredient to add a salty green note to your fragrance, while also giving it the unique character of seaweed (kelp). 

The pure laminaria absolute is produced by ROBERTET, but because this product is so thick in its pure state, we dilute it 50% in Benzyl Benzoate Natural and sell it diluted so it is easier to work with. This product does have minor particulates, which will not fully dissolve. For best results, let your tincture/blend rest for a day or two so the sediment settles to the bottom of your bottle.

"Seaweed" is a general term that does not have a formal biological definition, but mainly refers to the diverse array of marine algae (red algae, green algae and brown algae). Laminaria is the genus of 31 species of brown algae (commonly referred to as 'Kelp').

CAS #: (Mixture)
50% Seaweed (Laminaria) Absolute - CAS # 90046-12-1
50% Benzyl Benzoate (Natural) - CAS #: 120-51-4

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