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Here you will find items that are helpful for your perfumery explorations

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  • Small Disposable Pipettes

    These are small, fine-tipped pipettes - holds 1.3ml total in the bulb and stem (pack of 25)
    there are no graduation markings on the stem

    These are the pipettes that we include with 4ml size flavors

    Transfer pipets, fine tip, non-sterile.
  • Medium Disposable Pipettes

    Transfer pipettes, non-sterile.

    Great for measuring by drops or weight! If you want precise volumetric measurement, I recommend using syringes instead (not sold here).

    3mL total capacity in the bulb and stem. Measures up to 1ml in the "stem" of the pipette

    Graduated in 1/4 ml increments

    140mm long.

  • 4ml Glass bottles w/caps & droppers

    12 Pack
    These are useful for storing small amounts of liquids.
    They come with both plain caps and rubber droppers.
    In general, you should not store citrus oils with the rubber droppers, as the citrus can soften the rubber.
    • 12 bottles w/caps & droppers - $9.00 (USD)
  • 15ml droppers

    12 pack of Glass droppers for 15 ml bottle.

    18/400 Black Polypropylene Cap with Black Bulb and Straight Point Glass Dropper

    • 12 pack - $6.50 (USD)
  • 4ml Droppers

    These are droppers for our 4ml bottles
    • 10 droppers - $4.00 (USD)