Scent Strips

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Scent Strips - pack of 100

Scent Strips

Blank, paper fragrance evaluation strips/paddles.

These scent strips can be used during the creation process of a perfume or to evaluate raw materials or finished fragrances.

  • Creation: Place 1 drop of ingredient on the small end if you are creating a perfume, and use the larger side to write the name of the ingredient/accord. When you have a few different strips, you can hold them in your hand in a small fan and wave (waft) in front of your nose to see what the combination smells together. This is how you determine if your choices go together, and design your own scent! 
  • Evaluation: Spray the perfume onto the large end of the paddle and just use the small end to hold while you waft the fragrance toward your nose. 


Scent strips are also the recommended method of evaluating new materials. Removing a cap and sticking your nose into the opening of the bottle to smell can be very dangerous, and cause a person to pass out in extreme cases. Smelling directly from a bottle can also flatten the scent profile. The scent strip is a safer and more controlled way of evaluating the smell of a raw material, while also allowing it to volatilize more efficiently.