Thanks to a number of customers of the popular new meal replacement Soylent (created by Rob Rhinehart, available at Soylent), and other nutritional shakes, The Flavor Apprentice has created some simple formulas of our flavors that several members of our team use daily.

With nearly 300 flavors to choose from, the possibilities and combinations are endless! Take it from us, with a very simple formula, you will enhance Soylent or any other nutritional shake to satisfy your cravings (for breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert) with zero additional calories or artificial sweeteners! 

Standard Flavored Soylent Recipe


10 drops flavor : 1 oz shake

For every ounce of Soylent, simply apply 10 drops of our  Food Grade Flavor Concentrates from one of our 1.3 ml pipettes. Some flavors may require more or less to be added, depending on how strong the flavor is, but 10:1 is a great starting point.

With this recipe, you now have the ability to make endless combinations of flavors! The possibilities are yours to discover, but here are a few of our favorites:

Banana Nut Bread  -  Berry Cereal  -  Caramel (Original)  -  Chicken & Waffle  -  Chocolate Coconut Almond Candy Bar  -  Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup (Fudge Brownie + Peanut Butter)  -  Cinnamon Danish  -  Dulce de Leche  -  Juicy Peach  -  Key Lime  -  Kalua & Cream  -  Lucky Leprechaun  -  Mint Patty (Double Chocolate Dark + Mint Candy)  -  Orange Cream  -  Pralines & Cream  -  Root Beer Float  -  Slim Mint  -  S'mores (Double Chocolate Dark + Toasted Marshmallow + Graham Cracker)  -  Strawberries & Cream