Base de Parfum (Bulk)**

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Base de Parfum (Bulk)**

Base de Parfum (Bulk)**


Blend of Professional Grade - 200 proof SDA 40-B Ethanol, pre-diluted with other functional ingredients for your convenience!

This ready-to-use Perfumer's Alcohol Blend is ideal for beginning perfumers and professionals as an all-in-one base for alcohol spray perfumes . Use it alone or if you want to use it as a base to your perfumers alcohol - just add the Base de Parfum to your Perfumer's Alcohol @ 5% - 25%, then add your concentrate/fragrance and you're done! 

About the Ingredients: Bitrex (a bittering agent) and T-Butyl Alcohol is used to deter the use of this product for ingestion and inhalation end-use. We also included a proprietary blend of Cremophor RH 40®;  for its top-note extending properties and fixative effects, 1,3 Propenediol; a low hazard, skin nourishing ingredient that increases cell hydration and is naturally derived, as well as Glucam™ P-20; for additional fixative effects, sting reduction, humectant and emollient properties.

If you use the Base de Parfum by itself, you will notice it leaves a texture on your skin - similar to a very light lotion. This is from the moisturizing and additive ingredients that we put in it, which is for cosmetic purposes. If you find the texture it leaves on your skin to be unpleasant, we recommend you dilute it as stated above.

For Smaller Sizes, we have a non-bulk selection that is simply listed as Base de Parfum.

Perfume Base ingredients:
75% - 200 proof SDA 40-B (99.88 % Ethanol + 0.12 % t-butyl alcohol)
25% mix of: 

  • 1,3 Propanediol
  • Cremophor RH 40®
  • Glucam™ P-20
  • DPG

0.0006% Bitrex® (Denatonium Benzoate)

Due to DOT (Department of Transportation) & IATA (International Air Transport Association) Regulations Please read the following:

  • Ground Shipments: To avert HazMat shipping fees from UPS/FedEx, please only order 1 L/1KG  container. As per packing instructions for UN1169 Ethanol solution.
  • Air Shipments: Limited to 1 Liter or less, will incur a HazMat Fee, and they will be shipped in a maximum of (x2) 0.5L. Only available via UPS & FedEx at checkout. 
  • International Customers: Please check your country regulations to ensure alcohol/ethanol UN1169 (flammable liquid - Class 3, PG II ) is allowed in your country.

CAS#: Mixture
Hazardous Material for Transport

Safety Data Sheet