Base de Parfum**

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Base de Parfum**

Base de Parfum**


Blend of Professional Grade - 200 proof SDA 40-B Ethanol, pre-diluted with other functional ingredients for your convenience!  Just add this base to your Perfumer's Alcohol @ 5% - 25%, then add your concentrate/fragrance and you're done! 

This ready-to-use Perfumer's Base alcohol blend is ideal for beginning perfumers and professionals as a base for alcohol spray perfumes. Bitterants (bittering agents) are used to deter the use of this product for ingestion and inhalation end-use. We also included a proprietary blend of Cremophor RH 40®;  for its top-note extending properties and fixative effects, 1,3 Propenediol; a low hazard, skin nourishing ingredient that increases cell hydration and is naturally derived, as well as Glucam™ P-20; for additional fixative effects, sting reduction, humectant and emollient properties.

Perfume Base ingredients:
75% - 200 proof SDA 40-B (99.88 % Ethanol + 0.12 % t-butyl alcohol)
25% mix of:

  • 1,3 Propanediol
  • Cremophor RH 40®
  • Glucam™ P-20
  • DPG

0.0006% Bitrex® (Denatonium Benzoate)

Due to DOT (Department of Transportation) & IATA (International Air Transport Association) Regulations Please read the following:

  • Ground Shipments: To avert HazMat shipping fees from UPS/FedEx, we will limit  orders to 1 L  containers as per packing instructions for UN1169 Ethanol solution.
  • Air Shipments: Limited to 1 Liter or less, will incur a HazMat Fee, and they will be shipped in a maximum of (x2) 0.5L. Only available via UPS & FedEx at checkout. 
  • International Customers: Please check your country regulations to ensure alcohol/ethanol UN1169 (flammable liquid - Class 3, PG II ) is allowed in your country.

CAS#: Mixture

Safety Data Sheet