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Jean Carles was a highly respected perfumer and educator. His creations included Canoe, Ma Griffe, L'Air du Temps, and Cabochard as well as many others. He is credited with founding an educational system which has become the basis of most (if not all) of modern perfumery training courses. Presented here is his original series of educational papers on this subject.

This series of articles can be obtained from many libraries across the U.S.

I was told by a staff member that since this was published as a magazine article before 1978 when copyright rules were formalized in the U.S, and that no registraton took place since 1978, that it is now in the public domain.

I put it here as a way to keep the words of a great perfumer alive and accessible, to benefit those who are interested, but if it is not appropriate, please let me know and i will remove it.

The Method of Jean Carles - Part 1 (.pdf)

The Method of Jean Carles - Part 2 (.pdf)

The Method of Jean Carles - Part 3a (.pdf)

The Method of Jean Carles - Part 3b(.pdf)

The Method of Jean Carles - Part 3c(.pdf)


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