Oud Assafi™ (Firmenich)

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Oud Assafi™ (Firmenich)

Oud Assafi™ (Firmenich)


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Oud Assafi™ Essential Oil from Bangladesh

Aquilaria malaccensis

Description: Also known as Oud 'Assam,' (which means 'extremely pure' in Arabic) is recognized as the most precious Oud in the world. This exclusive quality has been prized for centuries for its animalic, woody and spicy notes. Actually the most leathery and animalic Oud profile, OUD Assafi™ is elegantly woody and extremely ambery.

Usage: Although the region of Sylhet in Bangladesh, on the border with Assam, is the historical birthplace of Oud, this is the first time that an extract from the variety Aquilaria malaccensis is registered for use in Perfumery. Firmenich created 3 captivating specialties with Oud Assafi™ to enlarge the experience of the magic.

Process: Obtained by distillation of the biomass with water, or steam. The essential oil is physically separated from the aqueous phase by decantation.

Sourcing: For several generations, our #NaturalsTogether partner Jalali Agarwood has been sustainably extracting the finest Aquilaria malaccensis using time-honored traditional methods, supporting social actions and providing a positive impact on the local community. Jalali Agarwood and Firmenich share the same vision of responsibility. Because they inherited thousands of mature trees, for every one cut down, Jalali Agarwood plants twenty that will be left untouched for the future generations.

Plant Source: Bangladesh
Manufacturer: Jalali Agarwood in partnership with Firmenich
Botanical Family: Thymelaeaceae
Part Harvested: Dark Wood
Method of Culture: Traditional-Sustainable
Intended for use in: Perfumery, Aromatherapy, Cosmetic

CAS # 94350-09-1

Safety Data Sheet