Amyris Wood (Haiti)

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Amyris Wood (Haiti)

Amyris Wood (Haiti)


Amyris balsamifera oil

Fragrance Family: Wood

Odor Description:   Woody, Sweet Heart that ultimately develops to become a bottom note with a slightly smoky facet.

Description: Commonly known as “West Indian Sandalwood,” the plant’s botanical classification has long been controversial. Though its fragrance has a woody dimension similar to sandalwood, the plant does not belong to the genus Santalum and should not be confused with “Indian sandalwood,” Santalum album. Indigenous peoples traditionally called amyris wood “candlewood” because of a high essential-oil content that caused it to burn longer.

Part Used: Wood
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Country of Origin: Haiti
Appearance : Pale yellow to amber yellow liquid, slightly viscous

CAS # 8015-65-4

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