Spruce (Black) - EO (Canada) P&N**

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Spruce (Black) - EO (Canada) P&N**

Spruce (Black) - EO (Canada) P&N**

    Base Note

Black Spruce (Canada) Essential Oil
Picea mariana

Botanical Family: Pinaceae
CAS: 68917-35-1
INCI Name: Picea mariana leaf oil

This Black Spruce Essential Oil from Cedarome in Canada is a 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil extracted via steam distillation. Its aroma is green and leafy with notes of geranium, pine, resin and hints of fruit, jam and vegetable 

Plant Source: Canada
Farmer/Producer: Cedarome Canada, Inc
Plant Part Harvested : Leaf
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Intended for use in: Perfumery, Aromatherapy
Use Level: 5.0 % in the fragrance concentrate
Safety: For topical use only. NOT for flavor use. 

Hazardous Material for Transport

Safety Data Sheet