Cinnamon Bark**

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Cinnamon Bark**

Cinnamon Bark**

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil (100% Pure & Natural)
Cinnamomum Verum (Zeylanicum)
Botanical Family: Lauraceae

IFRA Suggested Maximum Use limit:
  • In Concentrate - 0.30
  • 20% Eau de Parfum - 0.06

CAS: 8015-91-6
INCI: Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Plant Source: Sri Lanka
Farmer/Producer: P.T.C. Agro (pvt) ltd
Method of Harvest: Traditional
Part Harvested: Bark
Intended for use in: Perfumery, Aromatherapy, Alimentary

Sweet cinnamon with spicy, warm, woody notes - Middle to Base Note

Cinnamonum verum (Botanical name – Cinnamonum Zeylanim Blume), is indigenous to Sri Lanka. The island nation is the world’s largest true cinnamon producer and exporter. The history of Ceylonese cinnamon dates back to around 2800 B.C. and has remained an important export commodity since the Colonial era of 1815. Today Sri Lankan cinnamon is exported to around 70 countries and dominates the world market with a share of around 90 percent according to The Spice Council, Sri Lanka.
The bark of Cinnamomum cassia and Cinnamomum burmannii are referred to as cassia, while the bark of Cinnamonum verum is referred to as true cinnamon. While all plants belong to the same family of Lauraceae plants, only Ceylon cinnamon from the Cinnamonum verum plant is considered to be the one true cinnamon, which is not common knowledge among consumers around the world.
Via the steam distillation process the volatile components are extracted from true Ceylon cinnamon quills. The main active ingredient in the bark oil is Cinnamic Aldhyde which is the key measure of quality of bark oil and can range between 30% to 70%. -

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