IAO x Atlas Obscura Kit**

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Aromachemical Kit

IAO x Atlas Obscura Kit**

The Institute for Art & Olfaction (IAO) and Perfumer's Apprentice have teamed up to curate the following scent-creation kit comprised of natural and synthetic ingredients as well as some tools. This kit was specifically designed to accompany IAO's upcoming Atlas Obscura Course "The Science of Making Scents: Perfumery With Saskia Wilson-Brown." This kit includes the following: 

Bergamot - EO (BF) - Calabria, IT
Black Pepper - India
Cedarwood - Texas
Labdanum Absolute - Spain (50% in Alc)
Lavender (Maillette) - France
Vetiver - Haiti

Synthetics & Recreations
Ambroxan (10% in DPG)
Benzyl Acetate
Civette Synthetic (Firmenich)
Ethylene Brassylate
Hedione® (Firmenich)
Indolene 50 (IFF)
Norlimbanol® (Firmenich)
Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol
Sandalore® (Givaudan) 
Vanillin (10% in Alc)

Tools, Bottles & Diluents:
x200 - Scent Strips
x50 - Pipettes (Medium)
x24 - 4ml Vials w/ droppers
x1 - 30ml DPG

To learn about the current class, please visit  Atlas Obscura's Website.