Sandalwood - Mysore

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Sandalwood India

Sandalwood - Mysore


Sandalwood Oil, Santalum Album

Origin: South East India

Sandalwood Oil, Santalum Album, hails from the southern region of India- Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. It is popularly known as Mysore Sandalwood Oil. It has historically been naturally occurring in those regions for years, and is now propagated via seeds. The oil is obtained via steam distillation of the heartwood.

Soluble in Alcohol

CAS #: 8006-87-9

Supplier: F.P. Aromatics (Singapore)
FP Aromatics Singapore is a family business and has been in this industry for 3 generations. Their primary product is Sandalwood oil (all origins), of which they been the largest exporter for many decades. FPA is committed to delivering the finest quality of products at competitive prices.

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