Glucam P-20

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Glucam P-20 Fixative

Glucam P-20


Glucam™ P-20 is a Lubrizol Product


 One of the few naturally-derived cosmetic fluids that are miscible with water, alcohols, organic esters, and oils. In any product, it delivers humectancy with a lubricious, emollient feel. In alcohol-based systems Glucam P-20 humectant reduces the stinging effect alcohol has on skin. Equally important in fragrance containing formulations, it acts as a fixative by subduing volatilization of the "high notes". The light color and low odor of Glucam P-20 humectant will not interfere with the mood the fragrance is trying to communicate.

CTFA/INCI Designation: PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether

Typical Properties: Physical properties are listed below and indicate typical values and properties; they are not intended to be used as product specifications.

Solubility: Water, alcohols, organic esters and oils
Reduces stinging of alcohol 

This is a material used for the fixing of top and some middle notes. For example, experiments performed in house show that Sweet Orange essential oil (one of the most fleeting of scents- usually lasting only two minutes on the skin) was increased to last half an hour or more on the skin.
Use up to 5% of your fragrance formula concentrate, but experiment! Using too much will "flatten" a fragrance.

CAS # 61849-72-7

Safety Data Sheet