Bergamot - Essential Oil (BF) - Calabria, IT **

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Bergamot - Essential Oil (BF) - Calabria, IT **


100% Pure & Natural Bergamot Essential Oil from Condofuri (Reggio Calabria) Italy

The price of this material is markedly higher than what we used to sell. We have ensured that this direct-source Bergamot (Bergapten Free) Essential Oil is 100% unadulterated, pure and natural. Other lower-cost bergamot EO is being cut and adulterated to meet industry specifications and pricing. 

Odor Description: Fresh, fruity -sweet citrus with a slightly balsamic undertone.

IFRA Suggested Maximum Use limit:

  • In Concentrate - 2.00
  • 20% Eau de Parfum - 0.40

Manufacturer: OleOliO, SRL 

CAS # 68648-33-9

FEMA # 2153
Hazardous Material for Transport

Safety Data Sheet