Coffee (Kona) Flavor

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Coffee (Kona) Flavor

Coffee (Kona) Flavor

Water soluble.

Fresh brewed Kona coffee **** I had discontinued this flavor because of some negative reviews, but as soon as I did I received several howls of protest. The bottom line is - some people don't like this one, but others simply love it! - This is just another example of the wide range of tastes! Everyone is different....

But be forewarned, this flavor is very strong, and to many people this one smells bad! (apologies to the fans. Bob, I know you and your sister-in-law love this one! -and you're not alone....)

True Kona coffee does have a strange smell, and this is why this flavor is not for everyone. It is very strong,
but this is how the fans like it. 

*** Note: This flavor contains 'custard' ingredients: Acetoin. 
The following link explains the frequent questions & concerns involving custard notes.

Ingredients:Natural & Artificial Flavor, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Alcohol.

Larger sizes available in our Bulk Sizes Category.

Perfumers Apprentice Prop 65 Statement

Warning: This product can expose you to Ethyl acrylate, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer.

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