Sampaquita Givco 138

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Sampaquita (G)  (Jasmine Sambac)

Sampaquita Givco 138


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Givaudan (Givco) Specialty Base # 138
(Previously named 'Sampaquita (G) (Jasmine Sambac) on our site)

Odor Description: Jasmine, Fruity.
Sampaquita, also known as jasmine Sambac, is a flower that grows in the Philippines. This Givco base is a cost-effective reconstitution of its scent. This small bush with its attractive sweet-scented tiny white flowers is highly appreciated in Asia. The delicate fragrances of carnation and ylang together with a slightly green note were artistically grafted onto a rich basic accord of jasmine, tuberose, honeysuckle and rose.

Usage: Easy to blend in most compositions. It gives a new floral-jasmine effect to formulas.
Use Level: Up to 30%

Manufacturer: Givaudan

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