Hyraceum Absolute 60% DIPG (Firmenich)

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Hyraceum Absolute 60% DIPG (Firmenich)

Hyraceum Absolute 60% DIPG (Firmenich)

Firmenich Specialty: Hyraceum* Absolute (40% hyraceum absolute / 60% solvent DIPG/DPG (dipropylene glycol))
Fragrance Family: Animalic

Odor Description: Animalic (strong), deeply complex, combines with various facets of Musk, Castoreum, Civet, Tobacco and Agarwood/Oud, and often used in Oud reconstitutions.

*Please note that though this material does come from animals (and is therefore not vegan), it is obtained from the fossilized urine (waste) of the Hyrax, and the animal itself is not interacted with.

Appearance: Dark Brown viscous liquid

CAS # (Mixture):

Hyraceum Absolute  @ 40% (Natural): CAS# 1005328-84-6

DPG (Dipropylene Glycol) @60% (Synthetic): CAS# 25265-71-8