Benzyl Phenyl Acetate FCC

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Benzyl Phenyl Acetate FCC

Benzyl Phenyl Acetate FCC


Fragrance Family: Floral
Odor Description:Sweet, Floral, Jasmin, Honey, Cocoa

Use Level: 8.00 % in the fragrance concentrate.

Tenacity on blotter: 400 hours
Burning effectiveness: -
Substantivity Damp: -
Substantivity Dry: -

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name: benzyl 2-phenylacetate
Formula: C15 H14 O2
Molecular Weight: 226.27498
Vapor Pressure @ 25C: 0.000120 mmHg
Boiling Point (C): 317
Appearance: Colorless Liquid

CAS # 102-16-9
FEMA: 2149

Safety Data Sheet