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Re: Strawberry (Ripe) Flavor Confusion

TFA Strawberry (Ripe) is being made by a different flavor manufacturer than it had been previously. We are not discontinuing Strawberry (Ripe). 

We lost our primary manufacturer for Strawberry (Ripe) in October and are simply having it made by a different company. To be transparent, we alerted many of our customers who would be affected the most by sending the flavor from the new manufacturer along with a letter explaining what was going on. Nearly all of our flavors are made by multiple manufacturers, so this is nothing new.

Strawberry (Ripe) from the new manufacturer has undergone thorough “triangle” flavor tests and passed. A Triangle test is where two samples of the original manufacturer’s product are compared with the new manufacturer’s product. If the taste tester cannot identify which sample is different, then the flavor is a match. We were completely satisfied with the results of our Strawberry (Ripe) testing.

We encourage you to evaluate it before using to make sure you will be satisfied with your blends.

If you have questions, we invite you to reach out to the owner directly via phone. (831) 345-8311