News Bulletins

Product Name Changes

We have changed the name of the following items over the past 3-4 years:

Cowboy Flavor is now Western Flavor
Mtn. Dew Flavor  is now Citrus Punch Flavor
Bubblegum (Juicy) Flavor is now Bubblegum (Fruity) Flavor
Cinnamon Redhots (all variations) Flavor is now Cinnamon Red Hot Flavor
Grape Jolly Flavor is now Grape Candy Flavor
Sweet Tart Flavor is now Sweet and Tart Flavor
Haw. Punch Flavor is now Hawaiian Drink Flavor
Mild Black Flavor is now Cigarillo Flavor
M-Type is now Bitter Nut (Extra) Flavor + Tabanon (see product description for details).

The formulas for these flavors have remained the same. We were asked to change the original names to avoid using names that were trademark/copyright protected.