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TPD/FDA Form Tool Update

I have finished an enhancement to the live (production) version of this form that will allow a customer to anonymously upload any necessary formulas for flavors that come from other vendors (not TFA), or any pre-made bases that they might use in their products.

No flavor names would be used, only secure numeric codes for the flavor or base names, and only you would know which code refers to a flavor or base. This entry would then also appear in your list along with the flavors you purchase from my company, but only as the ID# that our site assigns you, so you must keep track of this number, because we maintain no record of it.

Again, any flavors you choose to upload would not have flavor names attached to them,
only a number code, so my computer would not know where that flavor came from or
what flavor it is. it would be anonymous, only you would know.

Here is the new link (this will only work if you have already been assigned a Security ID)
Contact us if you do not yet have your Security ID

Link to the Enhanced Production Form      Enhanced Form