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EU and FDA (proposed) Regulations

Latest News for businesses in the U.S and the E.U:

We now have a demo version of a form that will provide the information that the FDA and the EU will be requiring about our flavors. This is only a demonstration tool, the actual live tool will be available by approximately  Aug 8.
Customers will need to email us to request access to the live form,
and we will start taking requests  aug 2

Check out this link      Demo Form

There are a lot of things happening in regard to the products we sell in the European Union, Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA - reform, passed 6/22/2016), and many other arenas. We are actively involved through our trade associations (FEMA, IFRANA, etc) to be among the first to know what we need to do to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, while in turn helping you.