Shipping Information

Here at the Perfumer’s Apprentice,
we typically ship within 1-2 business days of receiving your order.
For example, if you place your order on a Monday, it will ship before Thursday.
If you place your order on the weekend, Saturday or Sunday (when we do not ship), it is the same as placing
your order on the following Monday. That's the first day that we see your order.

Our business days are Monday thru Friday.

orders that contain products from that category may have longer processing time.

Please note our International shipping terms are: FCA


The shipping Companies we offer are
 UPS, DHL and FedEx.

Shipping quotes for 
UPS can be found on our website at checkout.

For shipping quotes for 
DHL or FedEx, 
you will need to place an order, select the shipping option Pick up in our warehouse and in the order notes ask for a shipping quote for DHL and/or FedEx.

Once your order is all packaged up, the shipping department will email you a quote when it is available.

At a certain weight, our system is unable to calculate the shipping cost.

In this case the only shipping options you will see is 
Shipping charge will be added to order $0.00 (USD)
Freight Pick up at our warehouse $0.00 (USD)
Pick up at our warehouse $0.00 (USD).


This means we will need to email you a quote.
You will need to place an order, select the shipping option Pick up in our warehouse and in the order notes ask for a shipping quote for UPS, DHL or FedEx.


For International, we no longer offer USPS(United States Postal Service).
USPS refusing to ship our products internationally, they are classifying all our products as hazardous and will not accept them for shipment.

For USPS(United States Postal Service) Domestic we offer;

First-Class Mail® Parcel
Priority Mail ™
Priority Mail Express ™


NOTE: USPS (United States Postal Service) does not guarantee delivery times.

For example: Priority 2-day does not guarantee that you will receive your orders in two days from mailing.
The name is only an estimate of delivery time, but it is not guaranteed.

Similarly, we can not guarantee that Priority Mail Express 1-day will be delivered overnight.


Military customers: We can ship to APOs, FPOs and DPO using USPS (United States Postal Service).
Depending on your address, you will get different USPS (United States Postal Service) shipping options.

After your package leaves our building your tracking will say "Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS".
Unfortunately, that might be the only scan data you see with your tracking number until delivery.

We have talked to USPS about this and
they have stated that they don't always scan Military packages due to the location they are getting delivered and that sometimes APOs, FPOs and DPOs show no tracking info until final delivery. 

Here is some information from USPS about Military addresses. 

For the customs form we use the H.S. code 3302.10.1000


**International Hazmat Shipping**

Any item which is marked with a double ** on our website is considered flammable,
** items can only be shipped via UPS hazmat shipping (IDG Service) due to the new shipping regulations put into place June 2015.

We do offer UPS hazmat shipping (IDG Service) to countries that fall under the UPS IDG service Map.
For the full list of counties that the service is available to, please check this link:

Please Note: Any Country not on that list is not covered.

Here is a list of our most asked about countries
Due to International Regulations we, according to UPS, can not ship ** items to the following countries:







Estonia (mainland only*)







New Zealand




Saudi Arabia

South Africa



United Arab Emirates

Please note: ** items can not be shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service), DHL or FedEx


***  International Customer:  ***

Custom regulations, Duty tax and Custom fees can be different for every country.

You may or may not have to pay customs and/or duty taxes.
We recommend checking with your local post office or customs office about the procedures in your country.

Due to import restrictions

Belarus Customers
We have had a lot of problems shipping to Belarus. Most packages get stuck in customs.
At this time we are not shipping there directly.
We recommend using a forwarder.

Brazil Customers
We are having problems shipping to Brazil,
so unfortunately we will no longer be accepting orders from customers from Brazil.

China Customers
We have had a few problems recently with China customs.
They have held packages and never cleared them and wouldn't return them back to sender.
We have also been told by UPS that China customs does not accept shipments of liquid.

Before placing an order, please contact your local customs office about the restrictions for your area.

Egypt Customers
We have had a few problems recently with UPS Egypt customs.
They have held packages for long periods of time and requested high customs fees and/or duty tax/broker fees.

We haven't had any problems so far with DHL.
We recommend trying either of those and always contact your local customs office and seeing what paperwork you might need.

Indonesia Customers
We are having problems with our orders clearing customs.
Please email us if you have any questions.

Italy Customers

We can no longer ship perfumery items to Italy. We have had a lot of problems with customs.
Also: Italian customs is requiring that customers importing flavors have certain Health permits.

We recommend that Italian customers check with their local post office or customs office for any paperwork they might need and to make sure that they will receive their packages with no problem

Mexico Customers
We can not ship orders to Mexico via UPS.

We've had issues with our orders being rejected by UPS customs and we do not have a Broker in Mexico.

Russia Customers
We unfortunately have been having problems shipping flavors to Russia.
Unfortunately, Russia has put a ban on anything food related being shipped into Russia, including our Flavoring.

We are completely unable to ship flavors to Russia using UPS.

Quoted from UPS
"United States to Russia Restrictions
Foodstuff is any product that can be eaten or drunk for nutritional or beneficial purpose by human beings and animals.
It includes alcoholic beverages, tea, wine, animal products, bakery products, dairy products, dried fruit, fish and fish products, food supplements, meat, pastry products and vitamins."

You can look up the UPS shipping restrictions here:

Simply under Origin Country Select: United States
Under Destination Country Select: Russia
Click check box for: Prohibited or Restricted Commodities
Next Click Show Regulations

Singapore Customers
We are having problems shipping to Singapore. Singapore customs have been blocking all orders from us.
They have mailed a letter to the customer waiting to receive the package stating they are banning Tobacco Products.

Turkey Customers
We are having problems with our orders clearing customs.
Please email us if you have any questions.

Before placing your order, please contact our shipping department via email
and they will contact you with your options and the most up to date information.


For H.S and Tariff/Taric codes that we use for our Flavor products,

We use the H.S. code 3302.10.1000 for most countries.

ASEAN Tariff:   3302.10.90.00       










Bahrain Tariff: 33021000

Belarus Tariff: 3302.10.9000

Canada Tariff:   2106.90

Chile Tariff: 3302.10.20

Egypt Tariff: 3302.1090

European Union Taric:    3302.10.9000






Czech Republic





















United Kingdom

Japan Tariff:      3302.10.210

Kazakhstan Tariff: 3302.10.9000

Kuwait Tariff: 3302.10.00
Search Chapter 33, (of a kind used in food)

Russia Tariff:   3302.10.9000

Saudi Arabia Tariff:

Singapore Tariff: 3302.10.90

South Africa Tariff: 3302.10

Taiwan Tariff:    21069053006

Turkey Tariff: 3302.10.90.00


When we ship your package, we email you your tracking number.
You can also see 
your tracking number when you log into your account.

It is your responsibility to make sure 
that your local post office is not trying to contact you about your package.


If you have any shipping related questions, please email us at