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The workshops offered at Perfumer's Apprentice are a very special hands-on approach to an otherwise secretive art.

We teach the basic theory of perfume creation, as well as the structure and art that goes along with it. 

Workshops are available by appointment and are catered specifically to your needs, therefore the workshop bookings only include yourself and any guests you arrange to accompany you.

Walk-In: Monday - Friday 9:00am to 2:00pm PST (Advanced Notice appreciated).
Reservations Required: 
Monday - Friday (2:00pm to 5:00pm) & Saturday & Sunday (All day).
We charge a 30% Service Fee applied to Reservations that begin after 5:00pm

Appointments can be made by phone or email:
Phone - (831) 346-7234        
Email -

The Perfumer's Apprentice Fragrance Creation Boutique is located at 
at 200 Technology Cir, Scotts Valley, CA 95066.  Click here for directions

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  • Fragrance Consultation

    Available exclusively at our Boutique in Scotts Valley, our trained Perfumer, Rachel Latimer is available to help you in constructing a personalized perfume with your input and guidance.

    Rate: $100.00/hr

  • Introductory Perfume Creation Class

    This Introductory Perfume Creation Class is a simplified and approachable course, that introduces the theory and basics to the art of perfume creation. Available ONLY at our location in Scotts Valley, CA

    Price per person is as follows:

    1 Person = $50.00 
    2-5 People = $40.00 each
    6-12 People = $30.00 each

    * Per person cost is based on 2 hour (or less) duration.  2+ hours = 2x cost, 3+ hours = 3x cost, etc. 

  • Fragrance 101 Course

    This Fragrance 101 Course is an in-depth, yet approachable overview of Perfumery as a whole. Fragrance 101 introduces the theory and basics to the art of perfume creation, expands upon the knowledge and skills learned in the 'Introductory Perfume Creation Class,' and dives into the technical approach of building your own Key Accord and incorporating that Key Accord into a professional-grade bespoke fine fragrance.

    Available ONLY at our location in Scotts Valley, CA

    Price per person is flat-rate $150.00
    We recommend limiting this class to only 1-2 people at a time.

    For more details and information, please click on the name of the course above.

  • Key Accord Creation

    $75.00/person (Maximum 4 people)

    Our Key Accord Workshop is built to work much like our 'Introductory Perfume Workshop,' but takes it to the next level. In this Workshop, we teach you the process and science of blending your own perfumery ingredients. In the perfume industry, these would be known as the Perfumer's 'Keys,' or as we call them here at Perfumer's Apprentice; 'Key Accords.' 

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    To book a spot, please email
    or call us at (831) 316-7137
  • Smelling Experience

    This service is available to customers who would like to come to our Boutique in Scotts Valley and smell a collection of our ingredients prior to purchasing. 

    Rate: $35.00 per 30 min (1/2 hr)*

    *$35.00 fee is waived for every $50.00 or more worth of product a customer purchases.