Introduction to Perfumery Kit

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Beginners Perfumery Set

Introduction to Perfumery Kit

This Apprentice Perfumery Collection is all you need to begin exploring the fascinating world of professional perfumery.Unlike other Beginner's Kits on the internet, we supply you with the precise formulas for the blends in this collection, so that you can then continue your education into the "Masters" world of professional fragrance components. The continuation of this kit is the 'Beginners Aromachemical Kit.'

** This kit does not come in a "gift" box **

This Kit contains:

12 - 4 ml. bottles of master's key accords diluted to 10% (These key accords are available full strength in our Bases and Blends Category)

Accords in set: 

White Musk



Vanilla Bean





White Grapefruit

Green Leaf



Tools in this Kit include:

1 oz. carrier oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil; is a colorless, scentless fixed oil, produced by fractional distillation).

1 pack of 100 scent strips,

25 pack of medium pipettes,

(6) - 5ml roll-on bottles (bottle,roller, & cap) for your finished perfumes - these are unlabeled

Introduction to Perfumery Pamphlet - gets you started on your journey!