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Fragrance Oils for Budding Perfumers

What are Fragrance Oils?

Fragrance Oils are blends of Aromachemicals and Naturals that have been diluted for ease of use. They are easy to work with because they actually smell like what they are named after.

There are two reasons, however, that professional perfumers do not use Fragrance Oils.
1. Because they are pre-diluted by the manufacturer.

2. Because they are of unknown composition, with the manufacturer not bound to continue making the same product the same way. For example, "Amber" is a recipe for a certain type of fragrance, usually made with a blend of Peru Balsam, Benzoin, Jasmine, and one or more Musk aromachemicals; but an "Amber" produced by one company will not be the same as the Amber produced by a different company, and any company can change their formula at any time.
How can you market a perfume with Amber as an ingredient if you don't know that you will be able to get the same Amber consistently?

But they are certainly fun and easy to use!
Make your own combinations, or follow some of the formulas you will find in our Perfumer's Workshop Formulary.

What is the difference between the Master's Bases and Fragrance Oils?
These Master's Bases are not diluted, except in rare cases when that's the only way they are produced. Even then they are very strong, much stronger than fragrance oils. Since the companies that produce these blends are the suppliers to the commercial perfume industry, there is much more reliability with their availability. 

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