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NOTE - All concentrated flavors are made from these types of molecules, even "natural" flavors
contain the types of items you will see listed in this section.
For example, natural cinnamon that you bake with contains cinnamic aldehyde.
Natural vanilla extract contains vanillin.


We will post new data as it becomes available - these are approximations only and are not definitive.

***** ALERT *****
Please know that the information provided is NOT the manufacturer's formula, it is information derived from GC/MS. (Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry )

This data may not match information on the SDS, or data intended for FDA or TPD filings. This data is simply an approximation for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES only
This data is not intended for use in FDA or TPD filings. Please see our News link for information about those filings.

The component descriptions given appear in articles written by Gerard Mosciano, which can be found in various issues of Perfumer & Flavorist magazine.

You can click on a Component or a CAS to get a list of Products containing that component.

 COMPONENT CAS Type RangeDescription
Propylene Glycol57-55-6diol>= 75% and < 100%no taste
Isoamyl Isovalerate659-70-1ester>= 1 and < 5%green, fruity apple
Water7732-18-5n/a>= 1 and < 5%
Benzoate <ethyl->93-89-0ester>= 1 and < 5%sweet, medicinal, green, minty, fruity, birch beer and wintergreen like
Terpineol <alpha->98-55-5-ol group>= 1 and < 5%pine terpene lilac citrus woody floral
Butanoate <butyl->109-21-7ester>= 1 and < 5%sweet, fresh, fruity, slightly fatty
Damascone Beta35044-68-9ketone>= 1 and < 5%fruity floral black currant plum rose honey tobacco
Octanoate <ethyl->106-32-1ester<0.5%sweet, waxy, fruity and pineapple with creamy, fatty, mushroom and cognac notes
ethyl caproate123-66-0ester<0.5%sweet, pineapple, fruity, waxy and banana with a green, estry nuance
Nonanoic acid112-05-0acid<0.5%fatty, waxy and cheesy with a mild sweet creamy background
Beta Damascone23726-91-2ketone<0.5%fruity floral berry plum blackcurrant honey rose tobacco