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Maraschino Cherry Reviews

very nice strong flavor i have been adding it to all my cherry juices that never really tasted like cherry

Mark L.
This was disgusting first time. Will not repurchase this one. Can not be used at more than 2 or 3 drops added to other flavors.if at all.

mianker at 5%

This flavor seemed quite strong and I did like it a lot and once I added a drop of sweetner and 2 drops of Chocolate to the 2 drops of M. Cherry I loved it.

This is the best cherry I've had, I have had a few others but this one will have a special place in my kit. Doesn't matter if you use this as the only flavor or a mixer, your gonna love it. I used it with the cola they sent me in a sampler pack I ordered(the camp out) I made a small batch, 7ml. The cherry pulls right through, very strong, very tasty. Just added some to my cherry waffle that wasn't strong enough on the cherry because of another brand of flavor I was using and man the cherry pops now!!! You can't go wrong with this flavor. Very strong, very tasty, a must have in your flavor arsenal!!!! Incredible!!! You got this right on! Here's what I used to make the very cherry cola: 2ml 48mg 50/50(pg/vg) nic juice, .5ml vg, 2.5ml pg, 1ml cola, 1ml Maraschino Cherry, 4 drops of sweetener. Mix and enjoy. Comes out to 13.71mg nic, 21.43% vg, 28.57% flavor. Best flavor I've made so far and the cherry is what made this one.

at 15% - It tastes like the syrup the cherries come in. It seems to lack the grape like flavor of the cherries themselves have in addition to the syrup. I mixed it straight at 18%. It took a few days to develop full flavor, but once it does, it is very nice.

This is a tasty flavor, the flavor is very close to the real thing, and the smell is dead on. I like it at 10% in a cherry vanilla icecream liquid I made, but at higher percentages it had that slight cough syrupy taste that is so common with cherry flavorings.

I mixed this up at 20% and it was too strong for me. I'll try again with 15%. The flavor is spot on and very true to the intended flavor, however I did notice a soapy aftertaste which I did not care for.

at 10%
Intense flavor -- very good to vape plain or added to other flavors.