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Coffee Reviews

This flavor has an excellent aroma to that of black coffee. When mixed properly it makes for an excellent vape. Do not mix it too strong or it will taste like a cup of mud coffee that has been sitting for awhile. I used it at 3.5% in the following recipe and it was awesome. I have been wanting to quit drinking coffee for awhile; this just might make it possible.
Chocolate Coffee Mocha 3ml (All TPA Flavorings)
Coffee Extra (Clear) .105 ml or 2 drops (3.5%)
Dark Double Chocolate .33 ml or 7 drops (11%)
Caramel (Original) .075 ml or 2 drops (2.5%)
Toasted Marshmallow .06 ml or 1 drop (2%)
Sweetener .09 ml or 2 drops (3%)
VG (Vegetable Glycerin) 1.8 ml or 36 drops (60%)
Nick Vape 100mg/ml VG nicotine .054 ml or 11 drops = 18mg/ml nicotine (18%)
This coffee flavor is definitely a keeper; thanks Linda.

beth nole aka violet330
Definitely smelled like strong coffee. But the taste was like burnt coffee. A little too bitter. ( Comment from Linda - This one needs to be in low dilution and aged a day ) soften it up with a chocolate/vanilla/or cream mix.
( Comment from Linda - This one needs to be in low dilution and aged a day )

Jackie E
This is a very good basic coffee flavor. With all the variations of coffee out there, finding a good basic "morning coffee" is difficult to find when mixing it with other flavors. AND being clear makes this perfect! Very nice job!

Not a big fan of coffee vapes, but this one tastes like genuine strong black coffee!
Mix with sweet cream?

Count Dragula, the Vapyre
at 15%
Delicious! True coffee bean taste. Earthy and slightly nutty. Vaping it is like vaping a fresh pot of coffee! Use this as the base flavor if you want to make any other coffee flavors like frappucino or mocha.


I agree, this is like a good strong cup of coffee...and I love it being clear. anonymous Used at 10%. Very warm full bodied feel. It has a dark roasted coffee taste with earthy undertones. Very enjoyable.

Carl Turner
Tastes like a strong cup of coffee. Really like the flavor without all the coloring. I tried this at 10% at first and was good but seemed a bit strong. 5% mixed with other flavors seemed best.

Very strong coffee flavor! I used at 5% and it was still too strong for me, but mixed with sweetner and raspberry flavoring, it tasted yummy!

This is a very strong flavor, I tried it first at 10% and it was much too strong. cut to 5% it taste like a cup of straight black coffee. I hate black coffee, so I mixed it in with some sucralose sweetener, caramel, and barvarian cream flavoring and made a very tasty coffee flavor.

I mixed this at 5% with VG because 10% produces a slightly flowery taste. At 5% this tastes like a strong, black cup of coffee.

Tastes just like a good strong cup of quality coffee, and it's clear! It's a perfect base straight or for mixing. Used at 20%