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Chai Tea Review

I wanted to write you directly to tell you as a daily Chai Tea and Chai Latte drinker, that your Chai Tea flavoring is spot on. I have been using it for 3 months now and have been all over the place looking for a Chai that actually tasted realistic, and I have to say FANTASTIC job! This is a real as it gets!! Thank You for the dedication you put into crafting your flavors. I will for sure be back to order more.

I mixed this at 10% with VG and it created a powerful flavor that tastes like a mixture of spices that I don't recognize. I've never tasted anything like this. It has a sweetness to it.

When I rec'v'd this sample, I had absolutely no idea what Chai Tea was. One whiff and I became interested immediately. Mixed at 20%, this is a 'vape all day' flavor for me. Some may prefer it with sweetener, I like it without.