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Cappuccino Reviews

The Cappuccino flavor is extra strong , the flavor smells like real cappuccino , tastes like cream & coffee , vapor smells more like espresso .
I Love it

1.For my test I used , 20 drops of 100% PEG400-VG mix , one drop of the flavor , 2 drops of purified water, can be used also from your pitcher or bottle water. Never use TAP water..

2. To get the more realistic cappuccino vapor taste-smell you can add in place of water a 2 drops of your favorite cold brewing ground coffee extract ( not from your regular coffee machine ). Most flavors like to be diluted in at last 1:1 in water for using in 100% vapor liquids for the best effect in smell, taste and vapor production , PG or PEG working better with flavors make them taste and smell stronger, VG not, that why it will taste always different depeneded of the PG-VG proportions .

Cappuccino: real taste but very strong for me. Next time I'll use a lower concentration of it. I did a nice recipe with cappuccino (in order to soften it), caramel and white chocolate, hmmmmm, just delicious!

Cappuccino: Not as strong as the coffee, but still potent. Has a creamier taste than the coffee.