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The formulas presented here are educational examples of modern fragrance accords. They were created by the perfumers at Givaudan ( as educational exercises that just happen to be very beautiful. You need not have every component to create these, and you can always make substitutions. This is a great way to learn what these chems can do!

Citrus/White Grapefruit Accord

These measurements are in grams and would make 1000 grams of concentrate.
If you have a gram scale, you could divide each component by 100 to make 10 grams
To handle the trace components, you would just pre-dilute and adjust the formula.
You can also do this by drops as a learning exercise.

Labienoxime 10% - 3
Methyl Laitone 10% - 2
Velvione - 5
Citral - 15
Petitgrain Oil - 15
Dihydro Myrcenol - 25
Linalool - 30
Hedione - 60
Dimethyl Octenone - 80
Orange Terpenes distilled - 765

Methyl Laitone 10% lends a sweet volume
Velvione gives a rich powdery musk body
Dimethyl Octenone adds a sparkling juicy grapefruit note

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