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The formulas presented here are educational examples of modern fragrance accords. They were created by the perfumers at Givaudan ( as educational exercises that just happen to be very beautiful. You need not have every component to create these, and you can always make substitutions. This is a great way to learn what these chems can do!


Amber Musk Accord

Red Apple Accord

Carnation Accord

Chocolate Accord

Citrus Accord

Cologne Accord

Floral (Gardenia) Accord

Green Leaf Accord

Jasmine Accord

Leather Accord

Marine Accord

Muguet Accord

Orange Flower Accord

Peach Accord

Pear Accord

Pina Colada Accord

Raspberry Accord

Rose Accord

Sandalwood Accord

Spice Accord

Tobacco Accord

Tomato Accord

Vanilla Accord

White Musk Accord

Ylang Accord