Bacdanol® (IFF) **

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Bacdanol® (IFF) **

Bacdanol® (IFF) **

Out of stock until July 31, 2020 due to IFF shortage of this product.

Powerful, true sandalwood note. Provides excellent long lasting floral support.
Extremely diffusive and very cost effective. Non-discoloring.

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name:  2-Ethyl-4-(2,2,3-trimethyl-3-cyclo-penten-1-yl)-2-buten-1-ol
Molecular Weight: 208.34448
Vapour pressure (20ºC): 0.001065 mm Hg @ 23° C
Flashpoint:  94 °C
Appearance:  Colorless to pale yellow clear oily liquid

CAS #: 28219-61-6

Safety Data Sheet