Fragrance Consultation

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Fragrance Consultation

Fragrance Creation Consultation:

$200/hr or $75 per 15 minute increments.

Description: This one-on-one service with one of our Fragrance Consultants is for anyone who would like general guidance in regard to fragrance construction and/or raw material (ingredient) insight. If you are looking to make adjustments to a current formula or would like direction with a new project, we are here to help incorporate your ideas and storytelling into a fragrance.

Service includes:
- Time purchased spent on dialogue, no product.
- $20 off 1st hour of Collaboration Service (if requested).

Available add-ons/upgrades include:
Glass, crimp-top Perfume Bottle (Prices vary depending on bottle). Click Here for options.
Fragrance incorporation into our Botanical Skincare line (Prices vary depending on product/size).

Contract Blending (Compounding) - 1kg (MOQ) of Bespoke Fragrance Concentrate (formula not included).
Formula + Safety Documentation ($450.00)
  • Formula includes exact ingredients, percentage, and CAS numbers.
  • Safety Documentation includes IFRA Conformity Certificate, EU Allergen Report & Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
    • This item can ONLY accompany a (on-site or remote) fragrance consultation purchase. 

Resource: Before electing to participate in a consultation, we highly recommend reviewing our 'Perfumer's Corner,' by Clicking Here. This area expands upon the basics and general knowledge necessary to a beginning perfumer. 

We are not a Marketing/Branding firm, and do not offer business advice or legal advice. Moreover, we do not guarantee that our consultation services will aid you or your business in regard to product success or performance.
Any advice and/or opinion given during a Fragrance Consultation is solely intended for the creative purposes of constructing a personalized fragrance. Any and all suggestions made during consultation periods are the sole opinion of the staff member performing the consultation, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of Pacific Coast Products, LLC (dba Perfumer's Apprentice) or the Fragrance Industry in any official capacity.