Fragrance 101

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Fragrance 101

Workshop Description

Fragrance 101 is an in-depth, and approachable overview of Perfumery as a whole.
Fragrance 101 introduces the theory and basics to the art of perfume creation, expands upon the knowledge and skills learned in the 'Introductory Perfume Creation Class,' and dives into the technical approach of building your own Key Accord and incorporating that Key Accord into a professional-grade bespoke fine fragrance. 


Part 1: You begin at our History of Perfumery wall in the boutique, and get a brief history of perfumery around the world. From Ancient Egypt, to Greece, Persia, Asia, and of course the birthplace of modern perfumery; Western Europe. You will then be given a brief overview of how fragrance ingredients used to make perfumes are created. We give examples of both natural and synthetic processes, and you get to smell them!

Part 2: You will then be taken to our Lotus Room, to get a quick refresher on fragrance architecture. There are many ways to approach the art of building a perfume, and we do our best to consider everyone's style, offering guidance and structure. 


Part 3: We bring you into our Artisan Lab, a complete lab space where Artisan & Independent perfumers come and design/develop fragrances for their new launches working with the entire Perfumer's Apprentice Formulary. In the Artisan Lab, you will be making a key accord (much like in the accord creation workshop), and given guidance on how to alter and customize it to make it your own.

Part 4: In the lab, we incorporate everything you have learned into building a single fine fragrance using your accord, as well as our Master's Bases, and other sophisticated perfumery ingredients only available for use in this course or by sale individually on our website. 

What's Included:
Complimentary snacks (pastries, fruit, crackers, cheese, etc)
     You will leave with the following: 
     1 - Perfumer's Apprentice Fragrance 101 Workbook
     1 - Custom Key Accord (10ml) + Formula Worksheet
     1 - Custom Key Accord 10% Alcohol dilution (10ml)
     2 - Custom Fragrances (10ml) spray or roll-on + Custom Fragrance Formula Sheet
     1 - Certificate of Completion

Due to the complexity of this workshop, we limit the maximum number of people to two (2).

Workshop Duration: 4-5 hours 
Available Start Times: 8:00am - 11:00am (by appointment only)

For booking or inquiries, please contact us: 
Email -
Phone - (831) 346-7259

All Perfumer's Apprentice Workshops are held at our location at 200 Technology Cir, Scotts Valley, CA 95066

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The map below details how to locate our building once you exit CA-17 (From San Jose) onto Scotts Valley Dr.