Tiare Absolute (Firmenich) P&N

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Gardenia Absolute (TIARE) Tahiti

Tiare Absolute (Firmenich) P&N

Gardenia Tahitensis - 100% Pure & Natural - Absolute
Firmenich Product: 987738

Firmenich discontinued this material. We are looking for an alternative source.

luscious, creamy, tropical floral. 

this product is the consistency of molasses, it is not really "pourable"

In 1% Dilution, brings a bright crisp, white petal effect to fragrances.

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Standard dilution for usage in fine fragrance applications is 1%

Recommendations for other aromatic applications are as follows:

  • Body care, lotions, moisturizing creams etc.            3-10%
  • Sun and after-sun products                                             1-5%
  • Shampoos, shower gels, soaps                                      0.5-2%

CAS # 683748-01-8

Safety Data Sheet