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John Steele is in aromatic consultant, archaeologist and author. He distributes a select line of botanical essential oils and exotic floral absolutes from all over the world. He has served on the board of the American aroma therapy association and consulted on future trends in aroma therapy for the Ave a corporation.
He has also lectured for the American Society of perfumers annual symposium and the fragrance foundation summit 2000 think tank in New York. His chapter on "The Sacred Use of Fragrance in Ancient Egypt and Amazonian Shamanism", first presented at the psychology of perfumery symposium at Warwick university, was published in fragrance: the psychology and biology of perfume (Elsevier, 1992).
He has also presented these topics at workshops in Brazil, Canada, the second and third scientific holistic aroma therapy conferences in San Francisco and the second Australasian aroma therapy conference in Sydney, Australia.

For Aromasys Inc., John created Mango, the citrus floral euphoric blend which was chosen for the atrium lobby of the Miami Marriott hotel. His presentation, "the Fragrant Hospital" for the national symposium on interior Health Care design, led to the first systematic use of environmental fragrance in an American Hospital.
He has contributed articles to the international journal of aroma therapy and coauthored, with Paul Devereaux and David Kubrin, Earthmind: communicating with the living worlds of Gaia (Harper & Row 1989). In addition to supplying world class oils to a discerning clientele, he teaches workshops on aroma therapy, aromatic blending, the sacred use of fragrance in contemporary and ancient cultures. He enjoys communicating his passion for the many dimensions of aromatic plants.