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Tiramisu Reviews

*Warning!!! - This flavor is strong! - There are many customers who really want very strong flavors, and this is certainly one! for others who prefer less strong, you should pre-dilute this one before using

When I first received my bottle of tiramisu I thought the smell as well as the taste was just awful, but after making my mix at 5% along with other additions I let it steep for 3 days & very much to my surprise the taste was amazing (like day & night) probably one of my best. So don't judge by smell & let it steep for at least 2 days. Thanks Linda, this one is a winner !

I found this flavor to be very strong. It reminded me of tiramisu but the flavor was very sweet and strong. I am not a sweet lover. Bittersweet at 5% cut it some at 5% and sweet cream at 5% was also made Tiramasu better. I mixed it at 10-15%, I added 5% sweet cream to one batch and 5% bittersweet to another. Both additions cut the sweetness of the tiramusu and I preferred the sweet cream mixture the best. I have found sweet cream lends a unique flavor even to stout mixtures like bacon and worstershire. I added nicotine to equal 12 mgs and the remainder was made from 50/50 vg/pg.

When I first got this flavoring, I have to say it stunk. I even wrote to the good folks here at PA asking if I had received a bad batch or not. However, it took a few days for me to receive my batch of nic and PG and the flavor matured nicely over those few days. It is still a very strong flavoring, but when i sat it beside a chunk of tiramisu I got from the local Publix, smells were nearly identical. With that confirmation, I mixed up a batch at about 5%. Of course the mixing took off some of the edge and I have to say it's pretty nice. I know tiramisu isn't for everyone, I used to hate the stuff myself. But I came to love the dessert. When they say use it at 5%, listen. Very strong flavor. Let it sit and mature for a few days to allow the flavors to meld and soften. When you first get the bottle, it's a bit harsh of a smell, but softens to match real tiramisu in a few days.

at 5% - Unusual smell, definitely stronger than many flavors, a little earthy. Surprisingly it tastes totally different than the smell. I really liked it after adding 1 part brown sugar to 2.5 parts Tiramisu.

This flavor is POWERFUL. My first batch at 15% was a major mistake but when I reduced it down to 5% it took on some excellent notes at 3.7v and 5vs. The coffee notes are rich and the creamy alcoholic taste is very much in evidence. Be careful with this one.

15% - I absolutely loved this flavor! It is rich and sweet with a nice, bold aftertaste of coffee and an undertone of chocolate. I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys the actual dessert or likes coffee! A+ I mixed the Tiramisu flavor with a regular tobacco flavor and it was delicious. :)