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Kona Coffee Reviews

I just had a little sample of this Kona coffee flavor from a vaper friend and used it at 10% in a traditional base. In the beginning the flavor smells (and tastes) quite strongly, but also somehow peculiar - I wouldn't know how to describe it properly, maybe kind of savory-earthy-roasty, even harsh? Anyway, one CAN vape it right away if one likes exactly this top note. But if you can exercise enough patience to let it steep for about 20 days, this strong top note slowly disappears and integrates with the more subtle notes from the background. After this time period you will have a very good and above all, a very singular coffee liquid which is a very welcome treat and reset for your taste buds in case you had a bit too much of the sweet stuff. However, as others said, it's a very strong and "own" taste, and I can imagine that you either love it or hate it. Probably no in-betweens.

I had ordered the Kona coffee some time ago but hadn't tried it until last night when I was trying to perk up a homemade mocha juice. It's simply the best coffee I've ever tasted and I've tried quite a few. Make no mistake, as Linda warns, it is strong and it's not for everyone but I roast my own beans and prefer my coffee dark and rich with no adornments. Linda's Kona coffee flavor is so good that I want to drink it.